Kalender Department Mathematik

Mon, 22.05.2017, 14:15

Mon, 22.05.2017, 15:45
Propagation of multiplicity freeness for holomorphic Hilbert bundles
AG Lie-Gruppen

Referent: Martin Miglioli (IAM-CONICET)
Veranstalter: Karl-Hermann Neeb
Raum: Übungsraum 4

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Tue, 23.05.2017, 16:30
Causal Fermion Systems and Quantum Field Theory

Referent: Prof. Dr. Felix Finster, Uni Regensburg
Veranstalter: K.-H. Neeb
Raum: Hörsaal H13

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Fri, 26.05.2017, 14:30

Fri, 26.05.2017, 15:30
On the structure algebra of stable moment graphs

Referent: Ksenija Kitanov (FAU)
Veranstalter: Fiebig
Raum: 04.363

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